The cuisine of the Maldives is a diverse blend of regional specialties that are heavily influenced by its nearby neighbours, including India and Sri Lanka. Prior to the influence of foreigners from ancient trade and travel, the Maldivians relied on basic ingredients like fish, coconuts, breadfruit, millet, and tubers. Over time, however, with the influence of these foreigners, Maldivian cuisine developed a distinctive blend with its own unique flavours, symbolising a unique culinary identity.

The flavorsome meal is created using age-old culinary techniques that have been handed down through the generations, and it has a distinctive tang made up of gentle spiciness, delicate sweetness, and an overall exotic taste.


Some popular dishes include:

Mas Huni

Mas Huni is a traditional dish of the Maldives, commonly eaten for breakfast. It is made with shredded dried tuna, grated coconut, chili, and onion, which are mixed together and seasoned with salt, lemon, and other spices. The mixture is then rolled into balls and served with flatbread or rice.

Mas Huni has a unique and flavorful taste, with a balance of savory and spicy notes. The dried tuna provides a salty and slightly smoky flavor, while the grated coconut and spices add a touch of sweetness and heat. The dish is considered a staple of the Maldivian diet and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.


Garudhiya is a traditional fish soup of the Maldives, made with fresh fish, chili, lemon, and turmeric. The soup is considered a staple dish in the country and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

To make Garudhiya, the fish is first cooked in water with chili, turmeric, and lemon. The resulting broth is then strained and the cooked fish is added back to the soup. The soup is typically served with rice and is considered a complete meal in itself.

Garudhiya is known for its bold and flavorful taste, with the fish providing a rich, savory base and the chili, lemon, and turmeric adding a touch of heat and tanginess. The soup is also considered to be a healthy dish, as it is made with fresh ingredients and is low in fat and calories.

Mashuni Rosh

Mashuni Roshi is a traditional flatbread of the Maldives, filled with a mixture of tuna and grated coconut. The flatbread is made by stuffing a piece of flatbread with the tuna and coconut mixture, then rolling it up and either baking or frying it.

The dish is a popular snack or light meal in the Maldives, and is often served as an accompaniment to other dishes such as soups, curries, and stews. The filling provides a flavorful and satisfying bite, with the tuna offering a salty and slightly smoky flavor and the coconut adding a touch of sweetness.

Mashuni Roshi is considered a staple food in the Maldives and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. It is a delicious and unique dish that is representative of the country’s cuisine and culture.



Curries are a staple of the cuisine in the Maldives, with chicken, fish, and vegetable curries being some of the most popular dishes. Curries in the Maldives are known for their bold and flavorful taste, with a mix of savory and spicy spices used to create a delicious and satisfying dish.

Fish curries in the Maldives are typically made with fresh fish, such as tuna or grouper, and are flavored with spices like turmeric, chili, cumin, and ginger. The curry is usually served with rice and is considered a complete meal in itself.

Chicken curries are also popular in the Maldives, with tender chunks of chicken simmered in a flavorful sauce made with spices and coconut milk. Vegetable curries are also common, with a mix of seasonal vegetables, such as eggplant, pumpkin, and okra, simmered in a flavorful sauce.


Bondibai is a sweet treat from the Maldives, made from scraped coconut, sugar, and pandanus leaf. The ingredients are combined and boiled to create a dense, sweet mixture that is then molded into small balls or flattened into a cake-like shape.

Bondibai is a popular dessert in the Maldives, and is often enjoyed as a snack or after a meal. The sweetness of the coconut and sugar is balanced by the earthy flavor of the pandanus leaf, creating a delicious and unique taste that is both sweet and slightly herbal.

Bondibai is also considered a healthy snack, as it is made with simple, natural ingredients and is relatively low in fat and calories. It is a delicious and satisfying treat that is representative of the country’s cuisine and culture.

These are the most popular and traditional foods in the Maldives and are definitely worth trying if you ever have the chance to visit the country!

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