There can never be a chain hotel in Luang Prabang because the entire town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, as of this year, a unique new inn has creatively broken the rules by going above and beyond the tight guidelines. You even have the option of walking on wooden scaffolds that are springy.


Wat Phu Champasak’s Khmer ruins are not as large as Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temples, but they are undeniably unique when compared to other Southeast Asian temples because of their more common environment and lower tourist numbers. An excellent attraction for honeymooning couples looking for places that are rich in culture and history.


The astounding terraced rice fields are only south of Luang Prabang. This fantastic and seductively appealing type of growing must be seen in certain regions of the world. It makes for a really sentimental backdrop for those “just wedded” images. Along with that, you can take part in a background day of rice cultivation with some of the local tour guides.


You can visit the well-known Vieng Xai neighbourhood known as “Cave City,” which is built up of seven artificial cave structures surrounded by a panorama of karst shaking formations. The hollows were used by both sides and common people during several local and provincial conflicts, and they also provided Laotians fleeing American bombing during the Vietnam War with a place to hide. One of the most romantic locations in Laos is here.


What location is more romantic than a mountain? Looking for the best place to witness the Laos nightfall? Mount Phu Si, which dominates Luang Prabang’s ancient town, is surrounded by a massive sanctuary and other sacred sites. The gold-plated sanctuary known as That Chomsi is at the top of the lofty 329 stages, so climb as high as you can. The trek’s high point is a Buddhist temple that you’ll come upon halfway through. The panoramic view of the entire town from the top of the hill, though, is what makes this hike a must-do activity.


This uneven stop covers more than 240,000 hectares and stretches from the edge of China through Namtha Province. It’s best for active couples who want to explore the enormous tropical greenery and plants beneath a gorgeous green shade above. You can use a kayak or pontoon to explore the streams with the help of a watercraft visit tour guide, or you can just stick to the paths for your hike.


The Mekong River is Asia’s lifeblood and a must-see regardless of whether you’re getting married or just visiting for a wedding. The best way to experience the scenery and magnificent viewpoints of the Mekong River and its riverbank communities is on a mild pontoon excursion. Book a private cruise ship for you and your better half for increased protection, and receive a memorable experience by indulging in the local cuisine.


A life-altering place to stay is Belmond La R√©sidence Phou Vao, which is perched on a ridge with views of the holy mountains. This private inn was designed in a traditional manner and is embellished with teak, silk, and fresh cotton accents. It is renowned for its excellent neighbourhood food with French influences and an outdoor spa next to a pool of water lilies. This location tops the list if you’re looking for advice on where to go on your honeymoon in Laos.


Amantaka is also the place to go if you want to indulge. An eminently transformative sustaining facial that incorporates not only the opulent lodging stunning new healthy skin line that includes fragrant healing, Shirodhara, poultice knead, and hot jade stones is offered in addition to the customary Baci service (it’s a wonderful way to be honoured with good fortunes towards the beginning of your marriage) and a deep back rub using privately sourced dirt and salt.


One of northern Laos’ most romantic locations is framed by these stunning falls. These easily accessible falls are close to the former capital of Luang Prabang, which is now a popular destination for travellers passing through. They feature a mind-boggling three-level cascade and pool where you can have a refreshing dip. It is the ideal honeymoon location in Laos for newlyweds and lovers to have some passionate moments together.

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