Cycling enthusiasts should visit Greece since it is a beautiful country with a stunning history and breathtaking scenery. In a manner that you can’t do by vehicle or bus, exploring Greece by bike is a special and fulfilling experience that lets you take in the people, landscape, and wonderful food. The greatest advice for riding in Greece will be discussed in this article, along with some of the best places to visit.



It’s crucial to thoroughly plan your route before starting a bike tour in Greece. Greece offers a wide variety of bicycle-friendly routes, from mountain passes to beach roads. Some well-liked routes to take into account are:

The Athens to Sounion Route: The road from Athens to Sounion leads you to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion by way of the stunning Athens coastline.

The Peloponnese Peninsula Route: The Peloponnese Peninsula Route traverses the breathtaking Peloponnese Peninsula, which is home to gorgeous beaches, quaint villages, and historic ruins.

The Crete Island Route: The Crete Island Route passes across the arid landscape of Crete, home to breathtaking gorges, beaches, and mountain villages.


It’s crucial to pack wisely if you plan to bicycle in Greece. You should pack breathable, light clothing as well as sunblock because the Greek sun can be very strong. Other things you should bring with you include:

A good quality bike lock: Invest in a high-quality bike lock to keep your bike safe when you’re not using it.

Basic repair kit: This should include, a tyre lever set, a spare inner tube and a pump.

A map or GPS device: You don’t want to get lost in the Greek countryside without a map or GPS equipment!


Greece is a hilly country, so riding will take you through some difficult terrain. Prepare for the hills by engaging in some workout beforehand. Additionally, you’ll want to check that your bike is in good shape and has an appropriate gear range for climbing.


Keep in mind that cycling in Greece can be a strenuous task in the heat. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, and stop frequently to refill your bottles. Water fountains are also common in many cities and villages, so look for them.


Cycling is a great activity in many breathtaking locations in Greece. Some of the best places to go are as follows:

Athens: Athens, the capital of Greece, is a must-see location because of its historic sites, gorgeous architecture, and exciting nightlife.

Santorini: Santorini is a picturesque island in the Aegean Sea that is well-known for its blue-domed churches, breathtaking sunsets, and whitewashed structures.

Crete: Greek island Crete, which is the biggest, is home to some of Greece’s most stunning beaches, as well as lovely villages and historic sites. Hikers and cyclists prefer to travel to the Samaria Gorge in the southwest of the island.

Nafplio: Situated on the Peloponnese Peninsula, the charming town of Nafplio is renowned for its exquisite architecture, winding lanes, and breathtaking views.


Cycling is an excellent way to build up an appetite, and Greece is recognised for its delectable cuisine. Try some of these traditional Greek dishes:

Moussaka: Layered dish of pork mince, eggplant and béchamel sauce known as moussaka.

Souvlaki: Grilled meat (often chicken or pork) served on a skewer with veggies and pita bread is known as souvlaki.

Greek Salad: A light salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and olives

Spanakopita: Spanakopita is a savoury pie covered in phyllo dough and prepared with spinach and feta cheese.

Tzatziki: A creamy dip made with yoghurt, cucumber, and garlic is called tzatziki.


Greece is famous for its laid-back lifestyle and emphasis on enjoying life’s simple pleasures. When cycling in Greece, take some time to embrace this lifestyle and enjoy the scenery, food, and company of the locals. Take breaks to enjoy a coffee or a refreshing swim in the sea. And don’t forget to take in the stunning sunsets that Greece is famous for!

In conclusion, cycling in Greece is a unique and rewarding experience that enables you to discover the country’s rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable cuisine in a way that is not possible with a car or bus. You can enjoy an unforgettable cycling trip by using these suggestions and visiting some of Greece’s top tourist attractions. Pack your luggage, jump on your bike, and get ready for a brand-new perspective on Greece!

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