Road Tripping: Scenic Routes and Drives in Turkey

Turkey, with its rich history, different landscapes, and breathtaking natural beauty, is an ideal canvas for road-trippers looking for adventure and exploration. Turkey has something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or simply searching for a memorable vacation. We’ll take you on a journey through some of Turkey’s most stunning routes and drives, highlighting the country’s various landscapes and cultural treasures.

The Turquoise Coast: Antalya to Fethiye:

Beginning our journey in Antalya, Turkey’s “Pearl City,” you’ll be greeted by pristine beaches, blue waters, and a gorgeous Mediterranean coastline. Take the route west towards Fethiye from here. The views of the Taurus Mountains on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other are spectacular along this stretch of the Turkish Riviera.

Make stops along the journey at ancient ruins like Phaselis and Olympos, or take a diversion to Cirali Beach, a hidden gem. You can also visit the picturesque beach village of Kas and Oludeniz’s mesmerizing Blue Lagoon. The drive along this seaside path is not only attractive but also provides an opportunity to learn about old history and relax.

Cappadocia’s Fairy Chimneys: Nevsehir to Goreme:

Explore the bizarre scenery of Cappadocia in the heart of Anatolia. Start your tour in Nevsehir and make your way to Goreme. As you drive through this gorgeous region, you’ll notice the otherworldly “fairy chimneys,” which are distinctive rock formations carved by wind and water over the ages.

Don’t miss out on seeing the ancient underground civilizations of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu, as well as taking a morning hot air balloon flight for a panoramic glimpse of the lunar-like scenery. Cappadocia’s beauty rests not only in its physical wonders but also in its rich history and distinct culture.

The Lycian Way: Fethiye to Antalya:

The Lycian Way is a must-see for people looking for adventure and a greater connection with nature. This long-distance hiking track, which stretches for around 540 kilometers, also provides a fantastic road trip experience. The path, which begins in Fethiye and ends in Antalya, passes through rural villages, pine forests, and old Lycian ruins.

Hiking along the mountainous coastline, swimming in hidden bays, and exploring archaeological sites like Xanthos and Patara are all options. The Lycian Way is a one-of-a-kind road tour that displays a fresh dimension of Turkey’s natural beauty and ancient legacy at every bend.

The Black Sea Coast: Trabzon to Sinop:

As you travel north to the Black Sea coast, you’ll come across a lush and green scenery that contrasts with the parched regions of central Turkey. From Trabzon to Sinop, you’ll drive through attractive fishing villages, lush forests, and picturesque valleys.

Visit the Sumela Monastery, set on the cliffs above the Altindere National Park, and discover Trabzon, a medieval city with Byzantine and Ottoman influences. Enjoy excellent seafood and the warm welcome of the locals as you continue your trek along the Black Sea.

The Ancient Silk Road: Konya to Kayseri:

Begin a historical journey along the ancient Silk Road, which connects Konya and Kayseri. This journey takes you through Anatolia’s center, where you’ll discover a wealth of cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery.

Konya, famous for its whirling dervishes and the magnificent Mevlana Museum, is a wonderful starting place. Visit the unusual rock formations of Cappadocia, the caravanserais that previously housed merchants and travelers, and the beautiful Mount Erciyes as you drive east.


Turkey’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage make it an attractive road trip destination. Turkey offers a road travel experience unlike any other, from the stunning Turquoise Coast to the strange vistas of Cappadocia, and from the lonely towns along the Lycian Way to the lush Black Sea coast.

Whether you’re interested in history, and wildlife, or simply seeking adventure, these beautiful roads and drives will leave you with lasting memories of a country that blends the ancient with the new, traditional, and modern. So pack your luggage, hit the road, and let Turkey’s beauty unfold before your eyes as you embark on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

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