The Best Cafes and Restaurants in Greece

Greece, which is renowned for its extensive past, stunning scenery, and active culture, is also a foodie’s dream. Greek food is renowned for its fresh ingredients, vibrant flavours from the Mediterranean, and age-old recipes. In this post, we’ll examine some of the top cafes and eateries in Greece, where you may savour traditional fare while taking in the distinctive atmosphere of the place.

Greece cafe

Kiki’s Taverna, Mykonos:

Kiki’s Taverna, which is situated on the picturesque island of Mykonos, provides a casual dining experience. This secluded restaurant, which is located in Agios Sostis, is renowned for its grilled meats, recently caught seafood, and traditional Greek cuisine. It’s the ideal location for a wonderful sunset supper because of the open-air atmosphere and the expansive views of the Aegean Sea it offers. Don’t forget to sample their succulent lamb chops and grilled octopus, both of which are best enjoyed with a bottle of regional wine.

Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani, Athens:

Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani, a must-visit culinary location for food lovers, is located in the centre of Athens. This distinctive enterprise, which offers a large selection of classic Greek foods, combines a deli, restaurant and meze bar. Every bite at Ta Karamanlidika provides a taste of genuine Greek cuisine, from handcrafted sausages and cured meats to artisanal cheeses and delicious olives. For a genuine Greek feast, try their specialty dish, pastourma, a cured beef delicacy, and fill up on a plate of different mezes.

Arsenis Taverna, Naxos

Visit Arsenis Taverna on the island of Naxos for a memorable eating experience. For more than 40 years, this family-run restaurant has been providing delectable Greek food. Arsenis Taverna is a well-liked neighbourhood hangout due to its friendly and welcoming ambiance as well as its hearty, lovingly prepared traditional food. Enjoy their fresh seafood selections, such as grilled fish or stuffed calamari, or try their famed moussaka, a hearty meal of layered eggplant, minced meat and creamy béchamel sauce. Don’t overlook their delicious handcrafted desserts, such as the mouthwatering loukoumades (dough balls drenched in honey) or the smooth yoghurt flavoured with local honey and almonds.

To Kanoni, Corfu 

To Kanoni offers a gorgeous setting with a view of the famous Mouse Island and the Ionian Sea and is located in the delightful village of Kanoni. The typical Corfiot dishes served at this family-run restaurant combine Greek and Italian flavours. To Kanoni honours the distinctive culinary legacy of Corfu, showcasing dishes like the traditional pastitsada, a hearty meat stew with pasta, and the flavorful sofrito, a slow-cooked veal dish. Enjoy your lunch outside on the patio or in the serene garden while sipping some local wine or a cool beverage.

Meteora Restaurant, Kalambaka:

The exquisite Greek cuisine at Meteora Restaurant, which is located at the base of the magnificent Meteora rock formations, is complemented with amazing vistas. The restaurant specialises in traditional Greek dishes made using ingredients that are cultivated nearby, including local herbs and vegetables. Enjoy their delectable grilled meats, tender lamb dishes, or vegetarian treats like stuffed bell peppers. Dining at Meteora Restaurant is a memorable experience because to the friendly service and the breathtaking scenery of the towering monasteries.


It’s a journey in and of itself to explore Greece’s thriving culinary industry. The country offers a wide variety of cafés and restaurants that highlight the flavors and traditions of Greek cuisine, from the famous islands to the ancient mainland. The mouthwatering food, friendly service, and stunning surroundings will definitely leave you with lifelong memories, whether you find yourself on a sun-drenched terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea or in a cosy taverna tucked away on a little street. Take a culinary tour of Greece to experience the flavours that have thrilled both residents and tourists for ages.

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