The Best Hikes in Canada

The immense wilderness and magnificent scenery of Canada provide outdoor enthusiasts with a wealth of fantastic hiking trails. Every person looking to discover Canada’s natural splendor on foot will find something here, from pristine coastline pathways to rocky mountain ranges. Here, we showcase some of the country’s top hikes that encompass different regions and exhibit the diversity of the country’s landscapes.

Canada Hikes

West Coast Trail, British Columbia (BC): British Columbia (BC)’s West Coast Trail is a well-known backpacking trail that runs 75 kilometers along the Pacific coastline. It is situated on Vancouver Island. Hikers traverse lush woods, rocky shorelines, sandy beaches, and precipitous cliffs on this strenuous trail. Hikers will get the opportunity to see whales, sea lions, and other marine creatures as well as learn about the area’s rich indigenous cultural heritage. It’s a walk that experienced explorers must do.

Tonquin Valley, Alberta: This magnificent alpine valley is located in the Canadian Rockies and is reachable from Jasper National Park. Enjoy breathtaking views of glaciers, peaks, and emerald-colored lakes on this moderate to challenging climb. Camping at a backcountry campground allows hikers to explore the area’s network of trails, which connect to undiscovered attractions like the Ramparts and Eremite Valley. In this distant wilderness location, wildlife sightings, especially those of caribou and moose, are frequent.

Fundy National Park, New Brunswick: New Brunswick’s Fundy National Park is home to the highest tides in the world and offers a range of beautiful excursions through forested areas, along rocky coasts, and to magnificent waterfalls. A well-liked option is the Dickson Falls Trail, which highlights a rushing cascade amid a verdant forest. Experienced hikers love the multi-day Fundy Circuit, which includes the difficult Goose River and Laverty Falls paths.

Berg Lake Trail, British Columbia: The Berg Lake Trail is a magnificent backcountry trail that leads hikers through breathtaking vistas of towering mountains, old glaciers, and turquoise lakes. It is situated in Mount Robson Provincial Park. The 23-kilometer one-way trek to Berg Lake provides breathtaking vistas of Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Longer hikes might be taken to see adjacent sights like Emperor Falls and Snowbird Pass.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador: Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is well-known for its spectacular landscapes, which include fjords, cliffs, and unusual rock formations. The Tablelands Trail is a must-do trip that takes hikers through the rocky, desolate terrain of the Earth’s mantle, giving them an unearthly experience. Hikers who successfully complete the strenuous Gros Morne Mountain Trail are rewarded with sweeping vistas of the park and the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunshine Meadows, Alberta: Situated in Banff National Park, Sunshine Meadows is a group of alpine meadows that, throughout the summer, burst into a vibrant display of wildflowers. The relatively simple paths in Sunshine Meadows provide stunning views of the surrounding peaks, notably Mount Assiniboine, which is frequently described to as the “Matterhorn of the Rockies.” Hikers have a choice of hiking the routes from the base or taking the gondola up to the meadows.

Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, British Columbia: British Columbia’s 47-kilometer-long Juan de Fuca Marine Trail runs alongside the Pacific Ocean and is a strenuous coastal walk on Vancouver Island. Sand beaches, rocky shorelines, and lush forests may all be found along this rough trail, which also offers breathtaking vistas and quiet coves. Hikers may take in the peace and quiet of the coastal environment while spotting whales, seals, and eagles.

La Mauricie National Park, Quebec: La Mauricie National Park in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains is renowned for its pure lakes, extensive woods, and undulating terrain. A number of well-maintained routes are available in the park, including the well-liked Wapizagonke Lake Trail, which leads hikers on a lovely loop around the lake. La Mauricie National Park has pathways for hikers of all levels of experience due to its varied degree of difficulty. Hikers can take in the tranquil beauty of the park along the way, see animals like beavers and otters, and even cool down in one of the many lakes.

Skyline Trail, Nova Scotia: The Skyline Trail is a spectacular coastal walk that provides sweeping views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is situated in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. This easy climb offers breathtaking views of jagged cliffs, gorgeous beaches and lush forests as it leads hikers along a cliffside boardwalk. There are frequently distant sights of wildlife, including as moose, bald eagles, and whales.

Ivvavik National Park, Yukon: Ivvavik National Park in Yukon is a hidden gem for anyone looking for a secluded and uncharted trekking adventure. This uninhabited area, which can only be reached by plane or boat, provides beautiful views of glaciers, rivers, and mountains. There are many backcountry trails in the park, including the strenuous Sheep Creek Trail, which leads hikers through rugged terrain and provides breathtaking vistas of the area’s natural beauty.

In conclusion, Canada is a hiker’s paradise, offering a wide variety of paths that are appropriate for hikers of all experience levels and interests. Canada’s wilderness offers breathtaking scenery and a wealth of adventure choices, from rocky coastal pathways to pristine alpine trails. The most breathtaking scenery and unmatched wilderness experience can be found on Canada’s top walks, which are sure to leave you speechless whether you’re an expert hiker or a nature lover seeking for a picturesque stroll. So put on your hiking boots, gather your supplies, and prepare for an incredible trek across some of Canada’s most stunning landscapes. Happy Hiking!

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