The Best Hikes in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country with varied landscapes that provide a variety of trekking options. There are numerous pathways that accommodate various levels of fitness and interests, from the Atlantic Ocean’s rough coastline to the inner mountains. We’ll look at a few of Portugal’s top treks in this article.


Rota Vicentina

Over 450 kilometres of hiking paths make up Portugal’s Rota Vicentina, which runs along the country’s southwest coast. The Fishermen’s Trail and the Historical Way, its two primary routes, run through some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery in the nation. The Fishermen’s Trail travels along the coast, passing by fishing communities, majestic cliffs, and uninhabited beaches. The Historical Way, on the other hand, meanders through rural areas, passing through quaint towns and villages.

Pico Mountain

At 2,351 meters, Pico Mountain is Portugal’s tallest mountain. Although the ascent is difficult, the views from the summit are breathtaking. The trail ascends the mountain in a winding fashion, going through pastures and volcanic scenery as it ascends from the Casa da Montanha. The final portion of the trip entails a strenuous ascent across rocky terrain, but the reward is a breathtaking panorama of the neighboring islands and the Atlantic Ocean.

Serra da Estrela

The highest mountain range in Portugal’s main island, Serra da Estrela, offers a variety of hiking trails that highlight the area’s stunning natural surroundings. The Covo d’Ametade path, which begins in the Covo d’Ametade glacial valley and ascends to the summit of Torre, the highest peak in the range, is the most well-known trail. Hikers will pass across clear streams, granite outcrops, and rich greenery on their route.

Sintra-Cascais Natural Park

Just a short drive from Lisbon lies the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, a protected region that spans along the Atlantic coast. There are many hiking trails available in the park that lead visitors through various topographies, from lush woods to rocky coasts. The most well-known trail, the PR1, travels across coastal cliffs, past quiet beaches, and past old fortifications. It begins at the Cabo da Roca lighthouse.

Passadiços do Paiva

In northern Portugal, a wooden boardwalk known as the Passadiços do Paiva hugs the banks of the Paiva River. The 8 km long walkway leads walkers past some of the most breathtaking scenery in the area, including granite cliffs, rapids, and waterfalls. Hikers may stop along the journey at several viewpoints and rest places to take in the scenery.

Arrábida Natural Park

A protected region called the Arrábida Natural Park is close to Lisbon on the Setbal Peninsula. Numerous hiking trails in the park lead visitors through breathtaking scenery, including rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. The PR1 trail, which begins at the Convento da Arrábida and ascends to the summit of the Serra da Arrábida, is the most well-known. It provides panoramic views of the park and the Atlantic Ocean.

Madeira Levada Walks

Off the coast of Africa, in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, are hiking routes and awe-inspiring natural splendour. The Levada Walks, which lead tourists through the network of levadas, or irrigation channels, that crisscross the island, are among the most well-liked hikes on the island. The hikes, which range in difficulty from easy to difficult, take hikers past waterfalls, around rugged cliffs, and into lush forests.

Serra do Açor

The mountain range Serra do Açor, which is in Portugal’s central area, is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and charming towns. The most well-known trail, the PR3, takes hikers on a round route across the mountains while passing by lovely towns and breathtaking vistas. It begins in the town of Piódo. Hikers can savour regional specialties like honey and goat cheese while admiring the historic schist architecture.

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of hiking opportunities in Portugal. There are numerous pathways that cater to various levels of fitness and interests, from the rugged Atlantic Ocean coastline to the mountainous interior. Portugal has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking for tough mountain hikes or relaxing walks across breathtaking landscapes.

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