The largest and possibly most well-known Algarve vacation town is Albufeira. A once-quiet fishing community has now been transformed into a pure tourist magnet. Despite its reputation, it continues to be a favorite among a diverse group of residents, seasonal guests, and of course tourists.

The Algarve experiences the warmest months in June, July, and August, although it’s not oppressively hot. For mild weather, with some days being hotter than others, travel between March through May and September. Although you’ll need a jacket from early October through the end of March, temperatures here are far more tolerable than in freezing northern Europe.

Albufeira is separated into two parts – the quaint and tiny Old Town center, and the ‘New Town’ region of Oura and Santa Eulalia, a long strip of cafés, restaurants and hotels running to the beach, accompanied by more opulent hotels towards the east.

The distance between Albufeira and Faro Airport, the primary airport serving the Algarve, is around 46 kilometers, or 35 minutes by car. We advise renting a cheap car to travel around and picking it up at the airport if you intend to do a lot of sightseeing and day trips while there.

The most economical and convenient method to get to your hotel if you intend to stay in Albufeira and only go for day trips occasionally is via a shared or private transfer that has been prearranged.

When you pre-book using Skyscanner’s airport transfer comparison service, you’ll pay only 20 euros (one-way) for 4 persons, compared to an airport taxi’s approximate one-way cost of 35 euros.

The location of your hotel will determine how easy it is for you to get around while you are in Albufeira. Everything is accessible on foot if you stay in the New Town Albufeira Strip or the Old Town Albufeira center. Take a short and reasonably priced cab to the town center or to travel between the old and new town if your hotel is close to the main attractions.

The Old Town of Albufeira is the ideal location for leisurely strolls along the shoreline. Begin in the Old Town Square and proceed down the coastline before reaching the cliffside that leads to the marina. Take some lovely pictures of the beaches and pause for a picturesque lunch or drink along the way.

The marina in Albufeira is a compact but charming collection of cafes and promenades that look out into a posh lineup of yachts and sightseeing boats. It’s a lovely area to go for a stroll in the afternoon when your sick of sitting on the beach or to enjoy a coffee and breakfast in the morning. Additionally, we advise getting a beverage at a harbor café to watch the boats arrive at dusk.

The beaches aren’t everything in the Algarve! Orange orchards, woodlands, and a picturesque wine region may be found inland from the coast. The best way to experience it is on an off-road tour, where you can enjoy the comfort of an open-back jeep while taking in the breathtaking scenery. Along with your tour group, travel across the plains to witness waterfalls, fields, and woods.

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