The Dolomites

The Dolomites are the perfect destination for family-friendly fun! This beautiful city in Italy offers a variety of activities to keep the whole family entertained. From skiing and snowboarding to biking and hiking, the Dolomites have something for everyone. With its stunning scenery, charming villages and vibrant culture, the Dolomites provide the perfect backdrop for a family getaway. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, the Dolomites offer something for all ages. With its array of family-friendly activities, the Dolomites are sure to make your next family trip an unforgettable experience.


The city, which is entirely built on water, is enchanting for kids and is full of attractions and activities that will let even young children interact with this most unusual city on water.

The city’s stunning main attractions, like St. Mark’s Square and its pigeons, the option of gondola and boat rides, the chance to explore the city with a treasure hunt for kids (super fun), and a number of nice excursions you can take in the area, like that to Murano, where you can learn to blow glass, and Burano, famous for its rainbow houses, are just a few of the things that families will enjoy in Venice.


One of the most family-friendly places on the entire peninsula is Lake Garda, a sizable lake in the northeastern part of Italy.

It offers gorgeous tiny beaches ideal for young children in particular, plenty of cycling and hiking options, many playgrounds, charming towns for touring, and it is extremely well equipped to welcome families with young children. It is nestled between lovely mountains.

The region boasts a ton of family hotels, campgrounds with first-rate amenities, and theme parks that rollercoaster-loving youngsters will appreciate!

There are numerous charming towns on Lake Garda that are worth relocating to for a while, each having an own atmosphere and leisure activities.


One of the most well-known regions in all of Italy is called Cinque Terre and is noted for its vibrant communities built atop cliffs that drop down into the sea.

Cinque Terre is a chain of five villages connected by footpaths and, as of recently, a first-rate train service.

They are fantastic places to travel to in Italy with kids since they combine lovely and romantic settings that parents will like with enjoyable activities like (small) beaches and lovely playgrounds.

If you are travelling to Cinque Terre with a toddler, you will need to make some advance preparations because certain towns are unquestionably more family-friendly than others.


One of my favourite destinations to go with kids in Italy is Rome, one of the most stunning cities in the entire world.
There is simply so much to see and do in this city that you could spend a lifetime there and never grow bored or repeat the same activities.
Families with very young children are likely to enjoy Rome’s many parks, the Explora Children’s Museum, the numerous running-friendly piazzas, and the fact that the city’s top attractions are stroller and family friendly.
Older children will enjoy visiting the Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo, and other well-known historical sites as well as climbing the magnificent St. Peter’s Dome.

Despite this, there is no denying that you will adore them because they are so stunning!

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