Nearly all that you eat in the Faroe Islands comes from the ocean, with the exception of sheep. Dry meat, wieners, and new fish are the principal elements of the food of the archipelago. Nearly everything is dried, matured or goes through a smoking cycle before it is consumed.

On the islands, vegetables are scant, as are steers, which is the reason the customary food comprises of what nature gives it: meat from cetaceans and fish. Sheep are one more of the principal food varieties of the Faroese. Sheep appreciates extraordinary fame among local people, truth be told.

We should find out what the common dishes to eat in the Faroe Islands are which you can have a go at during your visit.


The custom of drying meat in the air is extremely famous among the occupants of the islands. For this situation, sheep meat is utilized, which is exposed to a drying cycle of about a year. The outcome is a sort of crude wiener, basically the same as Iberian ham in its structure.

The meat is dried in the hjallur, a shed worked for this reason which permits the entry of wind to work with the drying of the meat. Before it becomes Skerpikjøt, the sheep goes through two different stages, visnaður and ræstur, which portray the speed of relieving and maturation and are significant in deciding its last taste. Changes in temperature and mugginess at any stage can adjust the flavor of the meat by animating or hindering the cycle.


Going on with sheep meat, the second of the average dishes to eat in the Faroe Islands is this recipe made with meat from organs. Huge oval pieces are ready and dried outside.

This nearby item is typically cut into cuts, and seared in a skillet with a lot of fat. With the subsequent fat, a sauce is likewise made which is served on dried and matured fish. As may be obvious, the food in the Faroe Islands is extremely caloric.


This other culinary specialty which you can eat in the Faroe Islands is local to Iceland. It is a sheep’s head, which is sliced down the middle and afterward the minds are extricated, dried and afterward bubbled. It is normally presented with basic pureed potatoes or turnips. It is a conventional dish of the Nordic nations; it likewise has its partner in Norway, however under another name.


Other notable fish items in worldwide cooking are herring, cod and salmon. Every one of them are abundant in the archipelago, so it’s not shocking that this is one of the most well-known things to eat in the Faroe Islands. There are additionally different species which are normal of the area like halibut, plaice or haddock, albeit less popular species are additionally essential for the gastronomy of the islands.

For the most part, in the archipelago, as in numerous Nordic nations, the fish additionally dries and goes through relieving processes, to then be eaten crude. Hence, they taste solid so not every person will like them.

Grind og Spik

We pass on meat to the side to zero in on the results of the ocean. For this situation, the pilot whale, a cetacean which is extremely bountiful in the waters of the islands, with whose meat this specialty which is ordinary of the locale is ready.

The Faroese customarily consume meat from pilot whales and dolphins, something which may not be seen especially well in that frame of mind of the world. Recall that the hunting of pilot whales has consistently caused a ton of contention.

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