A Guide to street food in Maldives

Images of pristine beaches, blue waters, and opulent resorts frequently come to mind when one thinks of the Maldives. However, beyond the sun-kissed resorts, there is a thriving street food culture just waiting to be explored. Maldivian street food reflects the country’s numerous influences and rich culture. We will take you on a delectable tour through the streets of Maldives, discovering the distinct flavors, aromas, and experiences that await food enthusiasts in this article.

Hedhikaa: Maldivian Savory Snacks

The tantalizing aroma of hedhikaa, Maldivian savory appetizers, will lure your senses as you walk through the busy streets of Malé, the capital city. Hedhikaa kiosks sell a wide range of deep-fried or baked treats that are ideal for a quick snack or light dinner. Some prominent hedhikaa choices are:

Bajiya: Deep-fried crispy snacks packed with fish, veggies, or meat.

Gulha: Miniature dumplings stuffed with smoked fish, onions, and spices.

Keemia: Delicately fried spring rolls filled with fish, onions, and grated coconut.

Masroshi: Maldivian Dessert:

Masroshi is the answer to your yearning for something warm and soothing. This traditional Maldivian pastry is made of a thin crust that is filled with smoked fish, grated coconut, onions, and spices. After that, the pastry is folded into a triangle form and baked till golden brown. Masroshi is a delicious and quick snack that can be found in a variety of street food vendors across the country.

Rihaakuru: The Essence of Maldivian Cuisine

Rihaakuru, a thick and savory fish paste, is a staple of Maldivian cuisine. It is widely used as a basis for curries, soups, and dips because it is made from cooked and fermented tuna. Those looking for an authentic Maldivian experience can try rihaakuru. Vendors selling rihaakuru alongside other spices and condiments can be found in local markets and food bazaars, providing a look into the heart of Maldivian cuisine.

Mashuni: A Breakfast Delight

Enjoy a big plate of mashuni to start your day like a Maldivian. Shredded smoked tuna is blended with grated coconut, onions, lime, and chilli in this classic morning meal. The dish is traditionally served with roshi, a thin flatbread. The flavor combination produces a delectable blend of sweet, salty, and tangy overtones that will stimulate your taste senses.

Huni Roshi: A Staple Street Food:

Huni roshi is a Maldivian flatbread prepared with grated coconut and flour that is popular on the street. The dough is flattened out and grilled on a hot griddle before being served with a spicy fish or vegetable curry on the side. This dish’s simplicity exemplifies the Maldivians’ enjoyment of fresh ingredients and their ability to create excellent dishes with minimal hassle.


Exploring the Maldives’ street food scene is an opportunity to connect with local culture, savor distinct flavors, and witness culinary traditions passed down through generations. Each dish tells a narrative and provides a glimpse into the heart of Maldivian cuisine, from the savory delights of hedhikaa to the soothing warmth of masroshi. So, while you plan your trip to this idyllic destination, remember to go beyond the resorts and immerse yourself in the vibrant street cuisine culture that awaits you on the streets of the Maldives.

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