Breathtaking Waterfalls: A Nature’s Lover’s Guide to Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, a remote archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, are a real nature lover’s heaven. With their spectacular landscapes, craggy cliffs, and gushing waterfalls, the islands provide a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone seeking a closer connection with nature. In this post, we will look at some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Faroe Islands, which are a must-see for every nature  lover.



Mlafossur is a captivating waterfall that flows right into the ocean near the settlement of Gásadalur, producing a truly spectacular spectacle. The image of the falling water against the backdrop of the wide Atlantic Ocean as you reach the cliff’s edge is just magnificent. Mlafossur is a photographer’s delight because of the surrounding cliffs and rich greenery.


Located on the island of Streymoy, Fossá is the Faroe Islands’ largest waterfall, plummeting around 140 meters into the valley below. The sheer height and strength of the waterfall are breathtaking, and the surrounding terrain provides an ideal vantage point from which to view its magnificence. Hike around the neighboring trails and take in the panoramic views of the cascading water against the majestic mountains to properly experience Fossá.


Located in the same village, Gjógv is famed not only for its lovely harbor but also for its breathtaking waterfall. While strolling around the picturesque village, you’ll come find a hidden gem buried in a tiny ravine. The waterfall cascades elegantly into a quiet pool, creating a serene ambiance. The surrounding cliffs and the village’s characteristic grass-roofed cottages add to the enchantment of this fascinating location.


Middagsfossur is a hidden jewel on the island of Vágar that exhibits the wild beauty of the Faroe Islands. The waterfall cascades from Lake Leitisvatn into the ocean, creating an enthralling scene. The hike to Middagsfossur is an adventure in and of itself, as it takes you through verdant valleys, over wooden bridges, and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The tranquil mood and pristine surroundings will take your breath away until you approach the waterfall.


While not a standard waterfall, Trlanpa is worth mentioning for its unique natural phenomenon. From an elevation of roughly 142 meters, this cliffside attraction provides a breathtaking view of the ocean. Water pours down as the waves break against the steep cliffs, mimicking a waterfall. The falling water combined with the panoramic view produces a magical experience that will take your breath away.


The Faroe Islands is a paradise of breathtaking waterfalls for nature enthusiasts looking for an amazing vacation. From the cascading Mlafossur to the towering Fossá, each waterfall offers a distinct experience, allowing visitors to interact with nature’s raw force and beauty. Exploring these natural beauties in the Faroe Islands will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, reminding you of our planet’s immense diversity and magnificence. So gather your belongings, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare to embark on an adventure that will take your breath away.

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